Western Herbal Medicine Classes

New classes offered by Natural Health & Wellness School of Natural Medicine.

The first class is a short introduction to the use of herbs and is a pre-requisite for the Second.

"Back Yard Medicine"

This program is offered on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 until 4:00 PM. I am sure that we will be staying late most days with questions and answers, but that time is not required as part of the program.

The next class will start May the 28th and run threw mid-July. 

The Back Yard Medicine class is a VERY hands on program that will introduce participants to locally grown and or widely available Herbs and plants that can be utilized to better your health.

The curriculum covers:

  • Identification of over 60 different herbs and plants
  • How to grow many of the Herbs and plants discussed in the program
  • How to use the herbs in ways such as:
  • Teas  ,  Tinctures,
  • Syrups  ,  Salves
  • Compresses  ,  Poultices
  • Infusions  ,  Oils
  • Ointments  ,  Butters
  • Wines  ,  Baths 

Tuition: The program cost is $150, and a book of all the slides used and information covered in the program is made available.

This may seem costly, but that breaks down to $50 a class or about ten dollars an hour for a Oklahoma Private Vocational School Certified program.

The second new class is a continuation of the first class. It will also meet on Sunday in the afternoon and continue on for an additional 5 more weekends.

"Master Herbalist Program"

The Master Herbalist Program class will discuss body systems and conditions of the human body. As we discuss these ailments of the body we will apply the uses of natural herbal compounds in the treatment of these ailments.

The curriculum includes:

  • Legal and Ethical issues in Herbal medicine
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Systematic approach to identifying illness and their causes
  • Western Medical Terminology
  • Back Flower Remedies
  • A review of body pH
  • Herbal Treatment methods
  • Amino Acid treatment methods
  • Vitamin treatment methods
  • Essential Oils treatment methods
  • Herbal dosages
  • Meditation
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Food Therapy

The program is very information packed, and time is built in for some discussion and questions. However, time will also be available after the class for further discussion of the Herbs and their application for use.

Tuition: The cost for this program includes the cost for the back Yard Medicine program.
The fee for the entire Master Herbalist Program is $400. A book with all the slides and all the information covered in the program is available and highly recommended at a cost of $50.

The first class will fill very fast! I will teach a  second class one week after the first class ends. If demand is high enough, I may continue this program year round and may even make it available during the week in the evenings.

Contact me via phone or E-mail to confirm your place in the next class available!