Health tips


It’s Flu season again, and one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy is watch your exposure to the germs that will make you sick.

What's the dirtiest thing you touch in the course of a normal day? If you've been to a

  gas station, the pump handle would probably top the list of the filthiest surface you

encountered. A new survey from Kimberly-Clark found that 71 percent of gas pump

handles tested in six U.S. cities were contaminated with bacteria and viruses capable of

making us sick. You may want to pull on disposable latex gloves the next time you

reach for the pump handle. Others among the dirtiest surfaces found to be crawling

with germs:

the handles on public mailboxes,

escalator railings,

ATM buttons,

parking meters, 


crosswalk buttons,

buttons on vending machines in shopping malls.

And that's not all:    at the office,

your computer keys and mouse may not be as

germ-laden as a gas pump handle, but if you don't clean them, it's likely nobody will.

Other office hazards:

door handles and

elevator buttons.

Remember to use a barrier

between your hands and the handle of the push cart at the grocery store also.

Moral of this story:

Wash your hands after you touch any of these surfaces!!! 

Remember to be most effective at washing off germs from your hands, wash for at least 20 seconds and use both hands to "scrub" the other with soap.

And if you or a family member do get sick;  stay home! Do not go to the

Emergency room unless you have a life threatening emergency! If you need medical

attention call your primary care Doctor and make an appointment or follow their

directions as to what to do.

As an alternative:

Here at Natural Health & Wellness Center, I use a tea (that is a unique blend of Chinese

and Western herbs, that I formulated myself) that has been proven year after year to

be nearly 100% effective in knocking out documented cases of influenza in 12-24

hours with just 2 cups of the tea!!!  What’s the catch?  Sounds too good to be true

right?  Well, the catch is that the tea for anti-viral protection is about the worst tasting

thing you will ever taste.  So it is a choice, be sick for a week with the flu, or choke

down a couple cups of bad tasting tea…