I am one of two OBPVS certified and licensed schools for Acupuncture and Herbal medicine in the State of Oklahoma.

Any one else who claims to be a school or who claims to run an "internship" or "apprenticeship"  to become an Acupuncturist is doing so illegally (by the standards set forth by the State of Oklahoma)  

I offer a wide spectrum of areas of healing arts to include Acupuncture, Herbology, Reflexology, Sound Therapy, and many more topics all within the one class. So there is no additional charges for additional classes! 

The total hours of training is over 1240 hours over a two year schedule. The total cost of the entire program is less than $7500, and financing is available.

I will take applications in June and July and do interviews the first week of August.

I will be start new classes every September. 
I am limited to no more than 6 students each year. 

 If you are serious about being part of the next class,  I recommend the following book as a GREAT introductory book to oriental medicine theory and practice.  It is called " The Ancient and Healing Art of Chinese Herbalism" by Anna Selby  and can be found on Amazon for about 2 dollars!

Most of the books for the next school year will be "E-books" 

School Catalog: (partial)


Effective 7-01-2011



Natural Health & Wellness

(School of Natural Medicine)



608 West 41st Street

Sand Springs, Ok. 74063







"Everyone learns something new every day of their life; when you stop learning, you start dying".


"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least do them no harm".  

The Dalai Lama


In an environment of learning and growing both as individuals and as a group I welcome you to the learning process of growth, learning how to become an acupuncturist, and a whole individual.


Every journey begins with the first step, and I hope you are as excited as I am in beginning this journey!






Tim Williamson, C.Ac.





Tim Williamson, C.Ac.

All classes are conducted under his direct guidance as the owner, director of, and sole instructor of the School of Natural Medicine.

As a third generation student of Japanese Acupuncture, graduating Gigage Anagalisgi (School of Natural Medicine) in 2001, Tim brings to the class his western medical experience as a Paramedic as well as his years of experience as a eastern medicine practitioner.  


A very wise man once said that to truly be successful in the practice of “eastern” medicine, one must be bilingual in both eastern and western medical theory and practice. With this thought in mind Tim hopes to instill in the students of Natural Health & Wellness both eastern and western thought processes to better understand the client and their needs.


Tim’s goal for all his students is to Encourage, Enable, and Enlighten




Second week of September,           First Semester Begin

Third week of December,                Christmas Holiday/class    resumes in   January for    second semester

Second week of January,               Second Semester Begins

second week of May,                   Last Class & Final Exams

Classes meet Mondays only 8:00 -5:00.

Second Year:

Second week of September,             Third Semester Begins

Third week of December,                Christmas Holiday / class resumes in January for fourth semester

Second week of January,                Fourth Semester Begins

Second week of May,                    Last Class & Final Exams

Class meets one day per week for each student on different days for clinical internship.



Weekly assignments must be turned in on time and will be averaged into your final grade.

Tests are given at the discretion of the instructor according to the amount of material covered.

A minimum grade of 70% is required to proceed to the second year program.





Tuition is paid in weekly installments, plus an initial application fee, and fees for books that are required prior to the beginning of class.

Contact the clinic or the school for tuition fees and or an application.




Due to the nature of the training no credit for previous training or work experience, unless training was conducted by instructor staff of Natural Health & Wellness (School of Natural Medicine). Then a case by case evaluation of previous training will be evaluated for credit.

Admissions are based on the following:

The following paperwork must be submitted before an application can be considered:

An applicant must:

1.    Applicant must be at least 21 years of age.

2.    Have completed the application form with a filing fee of $75.00.

3.    Have proof of age and citizenship status. (Copy of driver's license, birth certificate, and/or passport.)

4.    Have a command of the English Language, or provide an interpreter.

5.    Submit two letters of recommendation, preferably from healing arts practitioners.

6.    Write a Statement of Intent: a letter (minimum length of 500 words) by the candidate which states his/her reason for applying and the reasons why the choice of this specific education is relevant to his/her life goals.

7.    Set up a personal interview.

8.    Admission will be denied for any false documentation used during the application process


The school is OBPVS certified as of 7-01-11