Everyone is unique, and so are our bodies. Here at Natural Health and Wellness center, we offer a wide variety of treatment options and tailor a treatment plan that best suits you. Book your appointment today so we can best set up a plan that will fit your needs and lifestyle.

Tulsa Acupuncture - $60

Acupuncture Session $65

A session will last 60-90 minutes. Come dressed in loose-fitting clothing, or swimwear. The session begins with a complete history of your past health problems, then a Chinese Pulse and Tongue diagnosis is taken. Specific points are then selected based on all this information and your complaints. The Acupuncture treatment is followed by a massage.​

Tui Na Tulsa Massage Therapy

Massage Session (1 hour) $65

Come prepared to relax. A European-type massage with an Asian influence of Tui Na and Aromatherapy is combined for a very relaxing session.

Auricular Therapy - Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Session $65

Auricular Therapy is used here with GREAT success! (90% with one treatment Very small needles are placed in the ears, followed by herbal therapy. Follow up visits are done for free if you do not quit after the first session.

Weight Loss Acupuncture Tulsa Oklahoma

Appetite Suppression Program $35 initial visit -$15 per visit thereafter

Great for weight loss. Very small press needles are inserted in points on the ear and left in to help decrease the appetite cravings. Additional dietary recommendations are made, as well as Chinese herbal teas. Your progress is monitored closely, and an average of 2 pounds is noticed per week.

Healthy Chinese Herbal Medicine found in Tulsa Oklahoma

Chinese Herbal Therapy (alone) $30
(in addition to other therapies) $10

Chinese Herbs are used in conjunction with other therapies to enhance their effectiveness, however, sometimes Herbal Therapy may be utilized alone. In this case, the consultation and the initial formula is $30, personalized specific herbal decoctions are prepared as teas or capsule form for an approximate 3-week supply.

Ear Candle Treatment Tulsa Oklahoma

Ear Candling $25

From removing excessive wax build-up; to easing the pressures of chronic sinus congestion, ear candling has been used for years to improve health, and wellness worldwide.

Japanese Facelift Massage - Tulsa Oklahoma

Japanese Facelift $35 for first visit $30 thereafter

A combination of Acupuncture, facial massage, and herbal therapy is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and to tone the muscles of the face and neck. The effects are somewhat temporary and repeat sessions will be required.