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Blue Dragon Tea
Red Dragon Tea

Blue Dragon Tea

Red Dragon Tea



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These formulas have been proven to be very effective for the symptoms that each state that they are intended for use for.

If you do not see an herbal formula listed here for the specific ailment you are suffering from, please feel free to contact me for an online or phone herbal consultation and an herbal blend can be created specifically for you and your problem.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


Red Dragon: This is the most popular formula made at Natural Health & Wellness Center. The flu is never fun. Our hand-blended Red Dragon Tincture will help combat the flu and get you back to feeling like yourself again. This specialized tincture is what gives the Red Dragon Tea it’s unique properties.

The Red Dragon Tea also helps alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19.


TW-2 Neuropathy Formula:  The symptoms of numbness, paralysis, and Neuropathy of the hands and Feet are reduced with the use of this formula in capsule form.

TW-4 Natural Viagra: The medication Viagra is based on the chemical compounds found in the herbs contained in this formula. Safe and very effective, but if this formula is not strong enough, ask about other variations to this compound that can be even more effective.

TW-7 Appetite suppression: This formula is used in a capsule form and has shown to help decrease appetite and increase metabolism without increasing your blood pressure or heart rate.

TW-8 Bowel Mover: These capsules are designed to gently increase the movement inside the digestive tract to reduce the problem of constipation

TW-13 CHOLESTERAL: This product helps the liver to naturally reduce high cholesterol levels.

TW-14 QUIT SMOKING: I use this herbal blend following an acupuncture treatment for quitting smoking. This herbal blend helps the lungs to heal, strengthens kidney function, and helps calms you from the agitation associated with quitting smoking.

TW-16 Hypertension: Hypertension or high blood pressure is very common in the United States, nearly half of adults over the age of 50 are on or should be on medication for their blood pressure. This capsule is best suited for individuals who are just about to have to be placed on prescription medications for blood pressure, in order to help them from getting any worse and needing the prescription medications.

TW-19 PROSTATE CANCER: The blend of herbs in this formula are designed to help reduce inflammation in the prostate, other herbs are used that are associated with slowing the growth of prostate cancer.

TW-20 ADD, ADHD: This product has been used in all ages to reduce the symptoms of both ADD and ADHD.

TW-22 FIBROMYALGIA: Fibromyalgia can be a disabling disease that some Dr’s do not even believe is a real disease because there is no tests to prove its existence. In TCM fibromyalgia is a very real disorder and can be treated with acupuncture and or with herbs such as the ones in this herbal blend.

TW-23 FERTILITY: This herbal blend has both eastern and western herbs that are known to help balance hormones and reduce stress levels to help increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

TW-24 INSOMIA: I use this formula to help people to relax the body and the mind so as to help get to sleep and stay asleep. I now also have a tincture that has been used with even greater results than the capsules.


TW-25 MIGRAINES: Migraines can come from multiple causes. I have found that acupuncture can be VERY effective in reducing both the intensity and the frequency of migraine headaches. After the use acupuncture I like to have clients follow up on this herbal formula for longer term effects. However, I have clients who do not want to try acupuncture and instead we use only this herbal blend with very high success.

TW-29 LYMPHOEDEMA: This unique Herbal blend helps reduce Lymphoedema.

TW-30 MEN’S FERTILITY: This unique Herbal blend helps increase fertility in men by increasing the speed and amount of sperm created

TW-31 NIGHTMARES: This unique Herbal blend helps relax the subconscious mind where the dream state is created. Has also been used with PTSD.

TW-32 Cough ease: This unique Herbal blend helps Break up thick sputum and ease severe cough.

TW-33 CARDIO TONIC: This unique Herbal blend helps reduce blood pressure and therefore the strain on the heart.

TW-34 PTSD, FRIGHT, INSOMNIA: This unique Herbal blend helps calm the mind and relaxes you for peaceful sleep. This formula is similar to number 31 listed earlier, however this formula is stronger.

TW-36 ANEMIA: This unique Herbal blend helps build red blood cells, thus anemia.

TW-37 IMMUNE TONIC, DEPRESSED IMMUNE: This unique Herbal blend helps build the body’s natural immune system.

TW-42 DIGESTION TONIC, INDIGESTION: This unique Herbal blend helps with the problems of acid reflux or indigestion.

TW-44 GOUT RELIEF: This unique Herbal blend helps reduce the pain and inflammation associated with gout.

TW-50 SCIATICA: This unique Herbal blend helps the pain of sciatica


TW-51 CLEAR SKIN: This unique Herbal blend helps acne, rosacea, and other dermatological issues.

TW-54 BED WETTING: This unique Herbal blend helps people of all ages who suffer from bed wetting problems.

TW-56 REVIVE, ENERGY: This unique Herbal blend helps charge the adrenals and help you sleep better and therefore have more energy. This is one of the most complex herbal formulas utilized at Natural Health & Wellness Center.

TW-57 GENERAL DETOX: This unique Herbal blend helps with general detoxification of the body. This is a gentle way to start more intensive detoxification processes.

TW-59 CANCER RECOVERY: This unique Herbal blend helps building the body’s immune system and nervous system after undergoing treatments for cancer that has left the body weakened.

TW-60 RADIATION DETOXIFCATION: This unique Herbal blend helps the body to detox the negative effects of radiation therapy.

TW-64 BONE SPUR: This unique Herbal blend helps reduce the build up of excess calcium in the body that cause bone spurs and some types of kidney stones.

TW-65 CANDIDA: This unique Herbal blend helps reduce yeast or candida growth in the body.

TW-67 RHEUMATIOD ARTHRITIS: This unique Herbal blend utilizes an herb that has been tested in China and Russia and proven there to be highly effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or RA. I have seen enlarge knuckles reduce in 30 days…Not everyone responds the same however.

TW71 PARASITES: This unique Herbal blend uses herbs commonly used to treat parasites in many third world counties that have a large problem with intestinal parasites.

TW 72 SNORE EASE: This unique Herbal blend helps tighten the soft palate and parts of the turbinates’ that “vibrate” during sleep causing snoring.


TW 73 DEMENTIA: This unique Herbal blend helps reduce the plaque build up on the brain that is associated with the spectrum of dementia.



Animal Formulary


These products are made into gelatin capsules, so if your dog can not or will not take herbs via a capsule, you can open the capsule and pour the herbs onto other food that they will eat.


TWA-1 DOG SEIZURES: This product has been proven to be safe to take with prescription seizure medications when the prescription alone is not enough to control the seizures.

TWA-2 DOG ARTHRITIS: This product can be used alone or in conjunction with prescription medication for dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia.



“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”